Just a wee creature exploring it all in the pursuit of self-awareness and happiness and the like. Oh, and I make things. :)
Chances are, anything you see on this blog is made by me, drawn by me, photographed by me, or is me, unless otherwise stated.


I do also have an inspiration tumblr, full of everything I find that I feel the urge to reblog.
If you would like the link, just send me an ask off anon. <3

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Also if anyone (Including whoever may be reading this in the various Art Center tags) has any experience with Art Center at Night I would love to talk to you!  I just signed up for the Writing/Illustrating Children’s Books class (I would have signed up for something like Head and Hands or Figure Drawing but due to schedule restraints for Spring semester this was one of the few I could sign up for) and am INCREDIBLY excited!  :D

Hi all!

So yeah, I have been very bad about posting this semester—sorry for that.  It might be a little longer still.  Basically this semester has been a lot of figuring things out, like the direction I want to go in, plus the laziness that comes with being overwhelmed not necessarily by homework (there really wasn’t much of that at all) but by just…how many options I have at this point for the direction I want to go in.  And being not really sure where to go while attempting to dabble everywhere and in places I haven’t really dabbled before.  Which is a terrible reason for laziness but that’s the reason. 
Fortunately it looks like that laziness is turning back into some sort of wonderful productivity and I’m finally getting past that point of being so immobilized by the idea of all these options.  And I will hopefully try to post more—probably not all of my assignments I’ve done this semester because some are downright terrible (that’s what happens when you try a bunch of different mediums for only the first or second time) but maybe a few that I’m marginally happier with.

In the mean time, I have been posting some recent work on DeviantArt!  Feel free to follow me there.  :)


Tom Waits.  Yet another illustration class assignment&#8212;struggled majorly with this one but fairly happy with the results nonetheless.
Quality time with The Kindreds.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I at long last made a Pottermore account yesterday! (I know, I’m ridiculously late to the game. Eep.) And I got placed in Slytherin—which was very shocking and confusing at first as I have always consistently been Ravenclaw in other tests, but…I am coming to accept—nay, embrace—my Slytherin identity. |3

If any of you are still on, feel free to add me!


So it was time to take my car in for maintenance.  Spent my time waiting for them to finish with it in their diner downing 5-6 cups of coffee while sketching this. 

 Thought I&#8217;d push myself to not get so caught up in details and precise placement&#8212;might not be accurate, but it occupied my time.  :)

I started a Society6 account!  Finally!

Not much there at the moment but will definitely be adding more over the next few days.  :)


Fun with photoshop.

Prints here: http://society6.com/arijaydesigns

Aaaand they are finished!  At least until Monday’s critique.  :)
Might be offering prints of these, hrmhrmhrm.

(Please leave the source attached.  Thanks!  :3)

Oooh, steamy.